Holding Up Half The Sky-A defiant Warrior

  The thorns were sharp, The path crooked with no pre-planned map. She dared to walk and give her best, Without worrying about life’s tests! With a shattered phase and world’s detest, She battled to stand strong like a colossal with a withered chest. It was easy for the world to bark and splur, on the greener side,  With no heart to succour, she understood the rules, and made sure each tear dried. Her valor and trust in self, diluted all of it and watched it blur, Unaffected by multiple stabs, breakdowns, and other refers. It was time to be her own hero and fight the battle, Making sure nothing stands in front that could affect her strength and rattle!   Today she boasts of her gallantry journey and the world salutes, A super wonderful kid she nurtured imbibed with powerful attributes. He upholds her roots and the focus to gift her happiness  bold enough to put his point forward and guard her with his wittiness!   Dusting all the negatives from her life, she walks the aisle of life with head held  high, A supremacy of motherhood, a realm of courage, She justifies the substance she is made of  Power, integrity, empathy,  strong-will and hope to always fight like a true warrior against all currents.     Advertisements

Tables Have Turned It Is Girls Turn-Becoming Her Own Raksha Bandhan!

Her nail polish drying, hair combed fine, the dress is seductive with boldness conductive. A fearless soul in the world of fouls, yes she has learned to stand strong in spite of games and faces scowl. She is bold, independent, hard working and above all a fighter. As the title says, yes the tables have … More Tables Have Turned It Is Girls Turn-Becoming Her Own Raksha Bandhan!